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Press Releases & Podcasts

Press Releases

January 22, 2018
ITS World Congress 2017 High Level Policy Roundtable

January 22, 2018
Congrès mondial des systèmes de transport intelligents 2017

October 26, 2017

October 26, 2017
Michigan Transportation and Mobility Leaders Lend Expertise to ITS sessions

October 26, 2017
Province of Québec Welcomes 2017 World Congress to Montréal

October 26, 2017
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Switching Out Lead-Acid Battery Backup For Traffic Signals, With ZincFive’s Intelligent, Higher Performance & Compact Nickel-Zinc Uninterruptible Power Supply

October 16, 2017
ZincFive ITS World Congress News Release

October 2017
Transport Minister of Canada, The Honourable Marc Garneau, to Speak at ITS World Congress in Montréal

October 2017
ITS World Congress 2017 to Showcase Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Technology to Demonstrate Importance of Connected Vehicles to Infrastructure

September 19, 2017
Transport Minister of Canada, The Honourable Marc Garneau, to Speak at ITS World Congress in Montréal

September 13, 2017
ITS World Congress 2017 Announces “Procurement Day” at the 2017 Event in Montréal PDF

August 23, 2017
Southwest Research Institute Sponsors ITS World Congress 2017 Student Essay Competition PDF

August 18, 2017

July 21, 2017
ITS TV returns to the ITS World Congress to Highlight Leading Edge Research in Intelligent and Transformative Transportation

March 10, 2017
Montréal marks new dynamic for ITS World Congress


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11-1-17: There is so much to listen to in the final daily podcast from the World Congress in Montréal, brought to you in thanks to the support of SWARCO, HMI Technologies, Intelight and Q-Free. In today’s show, you can hear Miller Crockart from PTV Group talk about transport modelling, MaaS and how data is driving the future of transportation. Hear additional insights from the show floor and education sessions as well. There has been so much material gathered in Montréal, we’ll be having a bonus podcast from the event which will be available next week.

10-31-17: In the third podcast from ITS World Congress 2017 Montréal, SNC Lavalin discusses their acquisition of Atkins; Swarco discusses Traffic Management as a Service and their acquisition of McCain; and Cubic shares news about a new New York contract and thoughts on Mobility as a Service. Congress Today Day 3 is sponsored by SWARCO, HMI Technologies, Intelight and Q – Free by PHInitiatives, licensed under a Creative Commons License.

10-30-17: In the second podcast from the ITS World Congress in Montréal, Smart Highways Editor Paul Hutton discusses the Smart Cities Pavilion with IBI and learns about a series of new autonomous pods being developed by HMI Technologies. Hutton also takes a ride in a connected car around Montréal to see V2I and V2V technology.

10-29-17: The first podcast from ITS World Congress 2017 in Montréal is now available features an in-depth interview with the new CEO of ITS America – Shailen Bhatt – who talks about the various roles of his job, from expert to spokesperson to diplomat, and what excites him about the future. Intelight CEO Craig Gardner explains how coming together with Q-Free means a business greater than the sum of its parts and Steve Dellenback, vice president of the Intelligent Systems Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and part of the event organizing team, offer event highlights. We also learn from Secretary General of ITS UK Jennie Martin and Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe, about what Europe is bringing to the Congress and hear a fascinating interview with Professor Eric Sampson, World Congress rapporteur, about how the event has changed since the first one in Paris in 1994.

Pre-Event Podcasts available at the link above as well.