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Exhibitor Product List

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Disclaimer: The following product descriptions are offered verbatim as received from exhibitors. The Organizing Committee of ITS World Congress 2017 is not responsible for the content or claims.

AllTraffic Solutions Introduces ParkTrak Parking Counting System
ParkTrak is the revolutionary “plug and play” parking counting system that delivers accuracy levels of greater than 98%. ParkTrak is changing the way parking facilities manage parking occupancy and availability. Mounts on a ceiling, pole or wall and installs in under one day without cutting the road, and integrates with your existing systems. More accurate than loops or cameras, ParkTrak uses lasers and directional logic for detection. Counts vehicles in one direction or bidirectionally, and detects the difference between a vehicle and a pedestrian, bike or cart. Download real-time parking occupancy reports from your Internet-ready device.

Introducing ARH’s TrafficSpot
ARH’s TrafficSpot is a single-gantry, multi-sensor, multi-lane middleware monitoring free-flowing or stop-and-go traffic. While applying non-intrusive technology, TrafficSpot has a 100% vehicle detection rate that can cover any application purpose from road pricing to traffic monitoring. The system is capable of handling vehicles even if they change lanes right under the gantry, as each vehicle is monitored by a set of optical sensors, with the option to add a Weigh-in-Motion module. Each passing vehicle is classified into one of 28 predefined vehicle categories. It utilizes both Doppler and LIDAR sensors as well as purpose-made cameras for accurate ALPR and ADR recognition. 

AWAAIT Presents Its Pioneering System to Automatically Control Fraud in Public Transport
The Barcelona-based software company AWAAIT will present its fare dodging control system DETECTOR at the ITS World Congress held in Montreal from October 20th until November 2nd. The UITP (International Association for Public Transport) recognized the system’s pioneering features in June 2015 by nominating it as one of the four global finalists for the Operational and Technical Excellence Award, whilst the European Commission has funded the project with a H2020-SME Instrument grant. DETECTOR, an automatic real-time video analytics system, aims to tackle fare evasion on public transport. Via an Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning (AI-ML) set of algorithms that analyse video streams from cameras near ticket barriers, the system operates in real-time and provides very precise alerts. Ticket inspectors or security staff immediately receive images of fare dodging incidents via a mobile app, enabling them to react rapidly.

Intelligent Transportation System SolutionsB+B SmartWorx
The goal of “intelligent transportation” is to create a safer, more efficient, maintainable, accessible transportation environment. With the help of advanced networking technology, smart sensors, innovative engineered solutions and more, real-time data and monitoring is making this goal a reality. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) can include everything from traditional traffic management to advanced traveler information systems to smart city connectivity.

Featured Product:
Industrial Managed Switch with IXM Technology
B+B SmartWorx managed Ethernet switches allow users to expand their industrial network quickly and efficiently, while their rugged industrial-grade design assures reliability and stability. Our managed Ethernet switches provide fast Ethernet and gigabit combo ports as well as numerous network protocols, such as SNMP, PROFINET, and Ethernet/IP, thus assisting in achieving critical communication interoperability for Advanced Traffic Management applications.

To solve mass deployment issues and concerns, B+B SmartWorx Industrial Managed Switches use IXM Intelligent Provisioning Technology. With IXM, administrators can upgrade firmware and deploy and restore configurations to groups of switches quickly and efficiently. IXM offers auto synchronization of firmware updates and push configuration settings for individual or groups of switches via an easy-to-navigate Web GUI.

BestMile – The Missing Link
BestMile’s platform enables autonomous vehicles to work together as a fleet and allows mobility providers to deploy, operate and scale autonomous mobility services. Using cutting-edge algorithms, the platform seamlessly matches supply and demand, handles planning and scheduling, automated dispatching, real-time dynamic routing, ride-sharing and energy management. BestMile’s fleet automation platform supports every operating model from fixed routes with fixed schedules to on-demand door-to-door services, or combinations of them, enabling dynamic services.

Campus Motor Anoia
Campus Motor Anoia is a facility perfectly located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Barcelona, with first class infrastructures and abundance of dedicated and highly qualified talent. Campus Motor Anoia is a centre for innovation, training, and research that specializes in the motor industry. It is aimed at businesses of the automotive, aeronautical, and renewable-energies sectors, and that is at their disposal for implementing research and development projects, or to organize all manner of events on the premises.

The innovative facilities of Campus Motor Anoia in collaboration with Parc Motor and Cal Parera Business Park are perfect for fostering R&D and innovation activities, R&D businesses and engineering businesses, national and international clusters, competition and sports teams, research and development centers, universities, and associations from the motor industry, creating a unique spot with high added value in the Catalan territory to push forward the automotive business industry.

Conduent Solutions

  1. The Conduent Seamless Transportation System is an easy-to-use, low cost, contactless mobile payment solution for public transport. It can be used with any Near Field Communication (NFC) or bluetooth enabled smartphone on trains, buses, trams and service equipped with Seamless tags, giving commuters a convenient and alternative payment system that’s both simple and secure.
  2. The Conduent Vehicle Passenger Detection System (VPDS) uses video analytics to identify the number of occupants in a vehicle, enabling transportation and law enforcement agencies to monitor and enforce the use of High Occupancy Vehicle/High Occupancy Toll (HOV/HOT) lanes. As the first to market with a 95 percent accuracy rating up to 100 mph, Conduent VPDS aims to deter drivers from breaking carpool lane rules.
  3. Conduent created the Go Apps to integrate all available methods of transportation in a city. Unlike other efforts to improve the daily commute, the Go Apps capture the universe of public and private transportation options and computes the shortest, cheapest, and most sustainable ways to get to a destination by aggregating and calculating the time, cost, carbon footprint and health benefits of each available option. The platform processes all the inputs to provide personalized travel suggestions that combine modes of transportation including personal (car, walk, bike), shared (ZipCar, bikeshare), ride hailing (Lyft, taxi) and public (bus, subway, train) options. This is the only transportation that combines public and private transportation options in a single trip and shares the environmental impact of a trip.
  4. Conduent also provides HELP Inc. with technology solutions, site operations and customer service for PrePass – HELP Inc.’s electronic screening system and pre-clearance program. PrePass saves the trucking industry time, fuel and money by enabling qualified motor carriers to electronically comply with state safety, weight and credential requirements – eliminating the need to stop at equipped weigh stations. HELP and Conduent also offer electronic pre-payment of truck tolls on several toll roads, turnpikes, tunnels and bridges in many different states through the PrePass Plus system, ultimately helping trucking companies save time.

Connected Signals’ V2If Signal Data Capture Appliance
Connected Signals offers a free hardware solution to municipalities wishing to make their traffic signal data available to connected vehicles. V2If is a small device, about the size of a pack of cards, that lets agencies securely and easily distribute real-time traffic signal data to selected third parties. The patent-allowed V2If device uses two Ethernet ports configured in send-only mode to preserve the security of agency networks. One port plugs into the switch that connects traffic lights to the traffic management system. The other connects to the outside world. Agencies retain complete control of their data.

E-Paper Passenger Information Display
E-paper passenger information display is an alternative to traditional paper timetables or LED and LCD displays on bus stops. E-paper features very low power consumption, which is consumed only during changing the content. Energy can be derived from renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. The content can be static or dynamic.

The device works 24 hours a day, 360 days a year.
The update is through a 3G browser. A centralized solution facilitates the operator’s work. Updates can also be made automatically at operator-defined times.

Energy efficiency
E-paper display is extremely energy-efficient. Electronic paper consumes only energy when updating/refreshing the timetable. Power can be derived from renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or low power wind turbines.

Excellent visibility
– The displayed content is strongly contrasted and distinct
– The screen does not light the user’s eye and does not tire the eyes (even if the e-paper has backlight – the LEDs illuminate the screen from above)
– E-paper has an excellent viewing angle – the text is legible at any angle
– The screen does not shine and does not reflect strong light – the content is perfectly visible in full sun

Comfortable assembly
The E-paper timetable is light and thin, so it can be mounted almost anywhere using existing urban infrastructure and saving on additional components. Installation on pillars, columns, lanterns, walls and even the bus stop.

Encom Wireless Announces Newest and Most Advanced Wireless Solutions
ENCOM Wireless has been delivering wireless data solutions to municipal and industrial customers across North America for over 30 years. Our innovative wireless solutions enable our customers to CONNECT EVERYTHING – empowering advanced applications and reducing costs.

For 2017, we will be showcasing our newest and most advanced wireless solutions product family, the Harmony platform. We are excited to announce as well that we have evolved our STRATOS software program into two new versions – STRATOS I/O and STRATOS ELITE!  The STRATOS family products add integration, simplicity, and ease of use more than ever before to include both broadband and contact closure applications. This brand-new end to end wireless monitoring and control solution has been designed specifically for industrial and municipal on / off control applications. Our system combines best in class wireless technologies and state of the art central management software to enable connectivity, control, and monitoring capabilities to devices and sites that have never been online.  We look forward to seeing you at our booth #1729, so we can show you our great this exciting new family of products!

GRIDSMART Technologies Proudly Rolls Out STREETSMART
GRIDSMART was born into eternal and unchangeable Principles: Simple. Flexible. Transparent. GRIDSMART starts every day advancing these Principles in all parts of our business on the road to our vision of Improving One Billion Lives Through Technology. So now, as we proudly roll-out our new STREETSMART, please know that this is a product built and supported entirely in the GRIDSMART Way.

STREETSMART hardware is 100% GRIDSMART, designed with the toughness and grit of its big brother GS2. Built from the ground up in collaboration with a prominent design firm, STREETSMART not only has rock-solid components and guts like GS2, he even looks a bit like his older brother.

STREETSMART comes with a Simple and Flexible GRIDSMART user interface (UI). We promise to keep making the UI easier every day, just like GS2. Need support?  That is also 100% delivered in the GRIDSMART Way.

Three Product Innovations Highlighted by Houston Radar
US-headquartered Houston Radar, a leading supplier of Doppler and FMCW radars for the traffic industry with customers in over 32 countries, will highlight three major product innovations, SpeedLane Pro with the Tetryon traffic server, Armadillo Tracker and the Armadillo Crossfire at the ITS World Congress. The Houston Radar SpeedLane Pro is the industry-leading true dual beam, ultra-low power side-fire radar. It is designed to accurately detect lane, speed, and class of individual vehicles and compute per lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters in up to 16 lanes on the road in all weather conditions. The SpeedLane won the 2016 Intertraffic Award in the Traffic Management Category.

IMSA Details New and In-Demand Industry Certifications
IMSA’s newest and most notable certification program offerings include Transportation Center System Specialist, Traffic Inspector for Advanced Technologies, and Fiber Optic Technician. The Transportation Center System Specialist program is designed for transportation professionals whose role encompasses control and operation of a road network in a Transportation Management Center (TMC). The program provides an understanding of key concepts and the technology used for devices, equipment, and software that a TMC may utilize in daily operations. It includes material on data collection, manual and automatic incident detection, telecommunications, sub-systems, video, operations and control, network topology and security, wired and wireless physical plant, computer aided dispatching and analysis/reporting. This certification program is intended for practitioners that install, maintain equipment used in and/or directly or indirectly operate transportation management centers.

Iteris Announces Two Featured Products
VantageLive!™ is an easy-to-use cloud-based tool that automatically collects and analyzes vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian count data from signalized intersections utilizing Iteris video detection sensors. Agencies will save significant cost by using their existing Iteris video detection camera in place of temporary count methods. VantageLive! simplifies the process of presenting turning movement count data, to help optimize signal timing while providing robust data sets to planners and traffic engineers.
VantageLive! Press Release from May 2, 2017:  https://www.iteris.com/news/iteris-launches-new-saas-solution-collect-process-and-analyze-advanced-intersection-data

PedTrax™ is an industry-first innovation from Iteris that provides the unique feature of counting pedestrians moving through the crosswalk while simultaneously detecting the presence of vehicular traffic. PedTrax automatically collects bidirectional count and speed data of pedestrians in the crosswalk, giving agencies a critical data set previously only collected with manual methods. In addition, PedTrax can provide discrete outputs to external devices and traffic controllers when pedestrians are detected in the crosswalk, initiating a variety of safety functions including advanced Connected Vehicle applications. PedTrax Press Release from August 11, 2016: https://www.iteris.com/news/iteris-launches-pedtrax-computer-vision-smarter-crosswalks

Sensor Manufacturer Lufft Introduces New Non-Invasive Road Weather Sensor for Smart Traffic Applications
After a year of development work, a new generation of Lufft stationary street weather sensors is now ready. The StaRWIS, which is installed at a measuring distance of 5.5 meters above the road, is based on an award-winning and innovative LED technology. This is already used with the MARWIS mobile sensor. After introducing the first non-contact road sensor NIRS31 in 2011, the company is now consistently continuing the development of this technology.

The easy-to-install and compact StaRWIS is a new stationary sensor for road weather information systems. This is based on a non-invasive, spectroscopic measuring principle. The sensor is particularly suitable for hard-to-reach or critical locations, which make installation on the ground difficult or impossible. This includes, for example, bridges or city streets.

StaRWIS provides the values of road temperature, dew point temperature, water film height, road conditions (dry, wet, ice, snow, critical and chemically wet), relative humidity, the percentage of ice and friction. In November 2017, a firmware update will expand the capabilities to include the freezing point temperature and dew point density.

M.H. Corbin Introduces CONNECT:ITS
The CONNECT:ITS System from M.H. Corbin is engineered to be a simple to use, scalable and low power roadside information system. Using data from both M.H. Corbin and popular third-party sensors, algorithms compute changing traffic and weather conditions in real-time. Data is then analyzed and distributed to your existing messaging network of HAR systems, dynamic message signs and flashing beacon systems. Additional outputs can also be used to send data to in-vehicle warning systems via DSRC based systems. The CONNECT:ITS System is the right tool to communicate advanced warnings for bridge deck freeze points, low visibility conditions, snow, high wind conditions, wrong way driver detection, over-height vehicle warnings, speed warnings and other traffic input data to the motorist in real-time. The CONNECT:ITS System can also be scaled up or down for a customized solution based on specific application needs.

Network Extension Made Easy with Moxa’s New Ethernet Extender Switch
Moxa is pleased to launch the IEX-408E-2VDSL2 industrial Ethernet extender switch to address the growing networking extension requirements driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) trend. The IEX-408E-2VDSL2 supports two VDSL2 ports and 6 Ethernet ports for long distance data transmission over twisted-pair copper wiring. This product enables users to leverage existing cables to upgrade and extend their networks quickly as well as reduce costs, making it ideally suited for intelligent transportation systems, oil & gas, factory automation, and mining industries.

Mx-Drive Mobility Simulator
Mx-Drive is a multi-vehicle and infrastructure mobility simulator that provides an environment to generate and run real-world conditions to test smart/connected vehicle applications. Working in the Mx-Suite ecosystem, with its extensive support of I/O devices, testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Sensor Fusion, Radar, V2X, etc. is significantly simplified.

As with other ADAS systems, testing V2X applications on actual roads is very constrained. It is difficult to set up and reproduce test conditions, only a limited number of test conditions can actually be achieved, and safety/damage risks further limit the work that can be done. Given this, the value of testing V2X applications in a simulated environment becomes more important.

In the simulation domain, the primary challenges of testing V2X applications include:

  • Specifying the route of the vehicle under test and the routes of all the other vehicles that will be transmitting V2X messages
  • Defining the behavior of V2X infrastructure
  • Producing coordinated GPS, vehicle bus and RF transmissions

Nedap Introduces the World’s Smartest Parking Sensor

Nedap introduces the SENSIT IR Flush Mount sensor. With this new smart parking sensor, Nedap combines both infrared and magnetic field detection technology into an unmatched compact design. It is installed completely recessed into the road surface, making it resistant to snow ploughs and avoiding tripping hazards. The SENSIT IR Flush Mount detects the occupancy of individual parking spaces in real-time. The obtained parking data enables smart parking in any Smart City, ITS or retail environment.

Check Out Speeder X1 and CMP52 Laser Radars
Noptel Oy shall highlight at ITS World Congress 2017 Exhibition in Montreal its laser distance measurement sensors Speeder X1 and CMP52 dedicated for traffic control and law enforcement applications. Speeder X1 laser radar exploits dual laser transmitter providing overlapping vehicle profile analysis for precise vehicle speed measurement as well as for vehicle height and length determination. And the accurate and reliable single beam laser radar CMP52 is feasible for wide variety of traffic control and law enforcement applications.

Explore the Next Generation of Roadlink® V2X Technology
With more than 1 million test days to date, NXP’s RoadLINK platform is the secure V2X solution of choice. And innovation continues: NXP just introduced its next generation, RoadLINK SAF5400, the world‘s first automotive qualified, high-performance single-chip DSRC modem.

Opticom Priority Control
Opticom Priority Control as a Service is a complete turnkey solution for transit and public safety agencies to get traffic signal priority control without having to worry about hardware, installation or maintenance. Vehicles simply sign up for the service and get the green light at intersections whenever they need it. The PCaaS solution is an evolution of our proven Opticom priority control system that has served more than 3,100 cities worldwide for nearly 50 years.

ParkPlus System Announces the Launch of the Electronic Permitting System
ParkPlus System has recently launched our new, in-house developed electronic system for parking permits. This tool works in residential, commercial, or institutional settings by having all customers register for parking online. Permits can be issued for short or long-term stays, one-off visitor parking sessions, or annual renewal residential locations. The entire process of applying for, approving, and paying for parking permits is completed seamlessly online. Users can log in and update information and check the status of any applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the most convenient way to manage parking permits.

Pelco Introduces VideoXpert™ Professional VMS
The newly introduced VideoXpert™ Professional VMS seamlessly bridges the gap between mid-size and enterprise platforms by providing a superior user interface and robust features previously only available in enterprise versions. Tailored for small to mid-size installations of up to 100 cameras, VideoXpert Professional is designed for easy installation and provides IT-friendly windows and menus for setup and maintenance. With all non-client functions on a single machine, easy access to actionable information, and pre-defined roles for easy user creation, this exciting new offering gives mid-level installations more capabilities than ever before.

PTV Solution Calculates Robust Mobility as a Service Business Cases
The mobility of the future is a mixture of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and mass public transit systems. In the PTV Mobility Lab at booth 1309, PTV Group shows how intelligent software calculates and integrates the right amount of MaaS fleets into an existing multimodal transport system. From 29 October until 2 November 2017, the leading software technology company for traffic, transport and logistics present their MaaS Accelerator Program to calculate business cases from the planning stage to the real-time operating phase. PTV MaaS Modeller is the first of four components, to turn shared on-demand fleet services into successful business models for cities and automotive companies.

Sensefields Wireless Traffic Data Technology
Grounded on the technological triad of Magnetic Wireless Sensors connected with fog-based Data Processing Stations that send real-time information to cloud-based Traffic Management Software or local based systems, Sensefields smart mobility solutions contribute towards a more road safe, less congested and greener future in urban, interurban and parking infrastructures.

High precision, quick and easy installation and very low need of maintenance, describe the sophisticated End-to-End Traffic Data Integration Services across all areas of Sensefields expertise in Smart City, Smart Road and Smart Parking applications:

  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Signal Activation
  • Environmental Sensors Data Correlation
  • Queue Length Measurement
  • Traffic Light Micro-Regulation
  • Toll Service Level Measurement
  • Variable Speed Signal Management
  • WiPag: Parking Guidance

Siemens Showcases Technologies Leading the Way to Seamless Mobility
At this year’s ITS World Congress in Montreal, Siemens will showcase technologies that are leading the way to seamless mobility. Siemens is a partner for cities across the globe to address the rising demand for efficient, safe, sustainable and integrated transportation infrastructures and intermodal mobility services. Our innovations have positioned us as the leader in adaptive control offering a tailored solution set from on-street adaptive control systems leveraging peer-to-peer technology via ACS-Lite arterial optimization, to network optimization via SCOOT algorithms for cities of any size, shape, form. The Siemens team will also be highlighting its advancements in software platforms that are driving growth in Advanced Traffic Management Systems, Mobility as a Service, and connected mobility applications including vehicle-to-infrastructure technology.

About Smart Nation Singapore
Singapore strives to be a Smart Nation, in which our people are empowered by technology to lead meaningful and fulfilled lives. By harnessing the power of networks, data and info-comm technologies, we endeavour to improve living, create economic opportunity and build a closer community. We have the conducive environment to experiment, prototype and deploy innovative solutions that can be shared with other global cities. For more information, please visit www.smartnation.sg.

Spirent’s Latest Test Tools for ITS-G5 & WAVE-DSRC Certification
TTsuite-WAVE-DSRC: USDOT Certification Operating Council (COC) conformance test suite for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE).

TTsuite-ITS-G5: TTCN-3 conformance test suite for companies supplying or testing ITS technology, to ensure conformance of an implementation or a system based on ETSI ITS-G5 test specifications.

Functional and Performance Assessment of V2X Applications
V2X Emulator: Ideal test environment for validating and benchmarking performance of V2X applications, in various stages of the development cycle, such as from early research up to pre-production. The V2X test bed provides the ability to bring real-world traffic scenarios into the LAB and thereby significantly reduces costs and time associated with extensive field testing.

An Overview Video describing Spirent’s solutions for testing the connected car may be viewed here.

Close-Up on Valeo XtraVue​​
Valeo’s XtraVue innovation uses a telematic antenna installed on the vehicle, combined with Valeo laser scanner SCALA, and Valeo’s camera system to show drivers what is happening on the road even outside their line of sight, streaming video from other connected vehicles and roadside infrastructure cameras onto the car’s display. Leveraging existing public 4G and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, the technology merges this data and creates a simple, enhanced view of the road. For drivers, it is like being able to see right through the obstacles in front of the vehicle, improving their vision and leaving them better informed to safely and calmly overtake other vehicles.

Valeo Introduces Mov’InBlue™, a Car-Sharing and Fleet Management Solution
Mov’InBlue™ is a secure vehicle reservation and fleet management solution developed in partnership with Capgemini, a leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Based on Valeo’s InBlue® smart key technology, it allows users to lock and unlock their vehicle and start the engine all from their smartphone, without access to the GSM network. With Mov’InBlue™, car rental companies can offer their customers an end-to-end digital experience from vehicle pick-up to drop-off, eliminating the constraints of face-to-face service such as reception, opening hours, long lines and hard-to-find vehicles. At the same time, Mov’InBlue™ reduces the amount of time vehicles are off the road for inspections, cleaning, refueling and other maintenance operations, and enables leasers to develop new business models, such as car rentals by the hour. This solution will enable corporate fleet managers to promote efficient car-sharing by optimizing reservation scheduling and key management, for example. Real-time data collection on maintenance, usage rates and more will also allow them to manage both the size and availability of their fleet. Mov’InBlue™ is compatible with more than 95% of vehicles on the road.

Vion Showcases Two New Smart Technologies
Intelligent Video Analysis Terminal is a terminal embedded with rich video analysis algorithms, it can connect CCTV camera to do vehicle violation detection, illegal parking detection, traffic survey. The VTE Camera is a 4K(8MP) camera with high resolution can detect and capture 4 traffic lanes vehicle in same time, build-in chips embedded video analysis algorithms to recognize vehicle plate number, moving tracking, classification, brand & color.

Wavetronix and Click 656
Wavetronix will use this year’s ITS World Congress to showcase its new Click 656, a cabinet integration device that delivers big data from a surprisingly small package.  With the Click 656, users can easily manage intersection detections from up to six SmartSensor Advance and Matrix units.  The compact device communicates directly with traffic controllers and provides users with access to a number of built-in plots and graphs, including arrival-on-green percentages and overall intersection counts.  The device’s small footprint makes it an ideal solution for even the smallest traffic cabinet. Visitors at the Wavetronix booth will be able to see the Click 656 and learn how it interacts with our world-class intersection detection products:

SmartSensor Matrix
SmartSensor Matrix sees every vehicle at the intersection, moving or stopped, providing true presence detection. The radar sensor detects each vehicle within its field of view, remembers their positions and can predict future movements for greatly improved detection accuracies for up to 10 lanes of traffic.

SmartSensor Advance
SmartSensor Advance provides dilemma zone protection. It detects the presence of each vehicle at the approach and measures its speed and location. From this information, it creates a unique estimated time of arrival for each vehicle. This dynamic ETA is then communicated to the controller.

Come visit Wavetronix at booth #824 to see this major release from the Wavetronix Click family and learn how the new Click 656 will benefit your intersections.

Worldsensing to Host Expert Panel on Mobility Management
IoT pioneer and Smart City expert Worldsensing has invited mobility professionals from all over the world to join an expert panel on Smart Mobility Management during ITS World Congress 2017. The panel hosted by Dr. Ignasi Vilajosana, Co-founder and CEO of Worldsensing, will focus on Connected City Operations – Real-world examples of Intelligent City Mobility Management and will be held on November 1st. Mobility researchers, system integrators and solution providers will share and discuss real-world cases of cities which have already deployed intelligent Mobility Management solutions in their control rooms.

ZincFive Introduces UPStealth
ZincFive, Inc., an intelligent energy storage and delivery solutions company and winner of the 2017 Most Disruptive Technology award, provides traffic UPS systems designed by traffic engineers utilizing nickel-zinc battery chemistry offering high power density and performance simultaneous with superior safety and environmental advantages. Our UPStealth® is an intelligent uninterruptible power supply currently deployed with over 100 US and Canadian DOT organizations that features nickel-zinc batteries to energize signalized intersections when utility power is lost. With over 355,000 North American signalized intersections, UPStealth® offers cities and municipalities an alternative to lead-acid by creating exceptional savings on installation and maintenance costs while providing a reliable system that last two times that of a lead-acid equivalent. With built-in diagnostic tools and remote monitoring capabilities, UPStealth® is an easy to use and efficient system with powerful capabilities. Come by ZincFive booth #825 and see our nickel-zinc based UPS at ITS World Congress.