Call For Demos

Technology Showcase Demo Pre-Applications Due May 31


General Demonstration Information

The Montréal World Congress 2017, the event where policy, real world deployment and future ideas will come together to advance integrated mobility, Smart Cities and the next generation of transportation through intelligent transportation systems. Autonomy and connectivity, artificial intelligence, infrastructure developments, cloud technologies, data, privacy, cyber issues, traffic management, smart city deployment efforts, research and academic initiatives and a look at the world’s view of public policy around the next generation of transportation will take place.

As part of this event, conference organizers are planning to feature live demonstrations of ITS technologies. The City of Montréal will create a virtual testbed on the streets adjacent to the Convention Centre. This test bed will include an arterial loop circling the Centre and a section of a nearby limited access highway that will be equipped with DSRC roadside units integrated with local signal controllers to support demonstrations of Connected Vehicle technologies.

In order to facilitate planning efforts, the Technology Demonstration Committee invites interested organizations to submit a pre-application (see below) to participate in these technology demonstrations. The purpose for this pre-application is to ascertain whether an organization is interested in participating in the technology demonstrations and to collect a general description of what an organization may be considering for the demonstration. Please do not submit any proprietary information on this pre-application as it will be reviewed by various members of the Technology Demonstration Committee as well as the Organizing Committee for the ITS World Congress.

Submission of this application will serve as an organization’s intent to participate. A formal application process will occur at a later date, which will be an expanded version of this form. At this time, information submitted will be considered the demonstrator’s best guess at their possible demonstration. Submission of the pre-application will allow an organization earlier access to the planning process to include teleconferences, face-to-face meetings, and information dissemination.

Pre-applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. EDT on May 31, 2017.

Application Guidelines and Requirements

Upon approval of this application, all demonstrators will be committed to following requirements and support ITS America’s in outreaching activities and principles within your sphere of influence, and will make a clear statement of the commitment to your stakeholders and the general public.

Demonstrators must:

  • Have exhibit space in the exhibit hall
  • Be responsible for reserving time slots for attendees wishing to participate in a demonstration – this is most effectively done at the demonstrator’s exhibit booth
  • Be responsible for all costs associated with the demonstration
  • Have sufficient liability insurance to cover any potential incidents
  • Meet all local and State permitting and other appropriate legal requirements
  • Commit to appoint one dedicated technical representative to serve on the Demonstrations Subcommittee