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ITS World Congress 2017 Awards

World Congress Hall of Fame Awards

The World Congress Hall of Fame Awards recognize the highest standards in achievement from the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific in the high-tech transportation community across the categories of Industry, Local Government, and Personal Lifetime Achievement. Recipients are selected annually from each region based on their leadership and performance in the transportation technology arena.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

Americas – Michael C. Doyle, Chairman & CEO, Econolite Group, Inc.
Michael “Mike” Doyle is the Econolite Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Doyle has held this position since acquiring the company in February 1978 as part of a private partnership acquisition.  Under Doyle’s leadership, Econolite expanded to serve many aspects of the transportation market, offering products and services from Econolite, Econolite Canada, and Econolite Systems. Doyle is a past Chair of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA) and spent many years serving on the ITSA Board of Directors and Leadership Circle.  In 2013, he was inducted into the ITS America Hall of Fame. Outside of the ITS industry, Doyle spent many years as Chair of the Huntington Medical Research Institute in Pasadena, California. Doyle is also a founding partner in the law firm Stone & Doyle (Pasadena, Calif.). He is licensed to practice law before the State Bar of California, and is a member of the State Bars of Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Prior to acquiring Econolite, Doyle was a partner with Alexander Grant & Company (now Grant Thornton) (Chicago, Ill.), a leading global independent audit, tax, and advisory firm. Doyle holds a Juris Doctorate from Salmon P. Chase College of Law (Cincinnati, Ohio).  He earned his Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio). Doyle resides in Long Beach, California with his wife Dorothy.

 Asia-Pacific – Datuk Ir. Hj Ismail bin Md Salleh, Malaysian Highway Authority
Datuk Ir. Hj Ismail bin Md Salleh holds Master of Science in Highway Engineering from United Kingdom and Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering from University of Technology Mara.  He has 36 years of working experience in government sector and principally responsible for planning, construction, operation and monitoring of all privatized highways; covering over 1,800kms from North to South of Peninsular Malaysia such as North-South Expressway, Penang Bridge, KL-Karak Highway and others. He is a registered Professional Engineer, Fellow Institution of Engineers Malaysia (FIEM), Council Member of Road Engineering Asia and Australasia (REAAA), Deputy President of Road Engineering of Malaysia (REAM), President of Intelligent Transport System Association of Malaysia (ITS) and Chairman of The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (Malaysia Branch) (CiHTMB). Currently, he is the Director General of Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) since 2009. Datuk Ir. Ismail was instrumental in establishing the early and wide adoption of ITS in the planning, rationalization and integration of the many privatized highways in Malaysia; marked by electronic toll collection (ETC) and traffic control and surveillance systems (TCSS) in the early years; and more recently wide network integration via advanced traffic management and information systems and social media applications.  He oversaw the migration to full ETC adoption nationwide, which was successfully achieved in July 2017, and is now spearheading efforts towards migration to multi-lane free flow systems. He has also worked tirelessly with different Cabinet Ministers from Malaysia in their participation at various High-Level Policy Roundtables, and has been influential in bringing the heads of various Government Ministries, Heads of Government Linked Corporations, captains of industry and other key ITS stakeholders to the World Congresses in promoting greater awareness of ITS to policy makers and the impact of ITS to development of the nation.

Europe – Christer Karlsson, CEO, ITS Sweden
Christer Karlsson has been a charismatic champion and effective thought-leader for ITS for over 25 years. He is best known for his role with ITS Sweden and his commitment in promoting, encouraging and nurturing his huge network of international contacts to spread and share knowledge of ITS. His involvement in the development of ITS includes establishing the National and regional ITS Centres in Sweden when he was with the Transport Administration and the subsequent ITS policy development initiatives which have kept Sweden at the forefront of policy and ITS thought leadership. Christer has been involved in three iterations of the Swedish ITS strategy and played a leading role in developing the latest update of the strategy and action plan with specific responsibility for connecting Public Authorities and other parties including Industry, academia, and test sites. His contributions to European projects have been impressive, from the pioneering EC Framework Programme projects, through his leadership of the Viking euro-regional project which coordinated ITS developments across Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and five Northern German Länder, to the major role he played in helping establish the EasyWay program. Christer built international relationships and initiated and became the first Chair of the Network of European National ITS organizations, and has established 15 MoUs with other countries around the world. He is a committed and long-term supporter of the ITS World Congresses – a member of the Board of Directors with responsibility for the Nationals network, the International Programme Committee and the organizer of the hugely successful ITS World Congress in Stockholm in 2009.

  • Local Government Award

Americas – Colorado Department of Transportation
Colorado DOT is a role-model-agency when it comes to leading the way in safer, more efficient and sustainable transportation. Through CDOT’s RoadX Program, they have collaborated with both private and public sector companies in the development and deployment of not just one, but many, significant new and innovative products and services. Colorado will be doing a significant software- and traffic-sensor upgrade to the aging traffic management and ramp-metering systems on the highway. This hyper-smart system will help to better manage the flow with vehicles, which could have the result of effectively adding a new lane on I-25 at a fraction of the cost. The result of this program will be fewer accidents, more reliable trips and travel times, as well as a reduction in stop-and-go-traffic and a more efficient flow of traffic.

Asia-Pacific – Taipei City Government, Chinese-Taipei
Taipei City has been developing ITS for more than 27 years, with Sharing, Green, and Smart being the three guiding principles of transportation policy. Since 1990, Taipei City has launched a 5-phase ITS deployment program, including Infrastructure Development (1990-), Services Systematization (1999-), Sharing ITS Services (2000-), Smart City Program (2014-), and Smart City Lifestyle and MaaS program starting in 2017. Throughout these development phases, Taipei City not only successfully integrated innovative technology and information systems into the ITS infrastructure, but also established an ecosystem in which the government, the public and the industry collaborate together. Some examples of the remarkable results include: accuracy rate of the Smart Bus information service is over 95%; on-time performance of the Smart MRT system is 99.6%; Smart Parking real-time information covers more than 1,950 on-street parking sections and 35,000 off-street parking spaces; 11,000 Smart Shared Bikes with daily turnover rate of over seven. In addition, the Taipei Smart City Project Management Office was set up in 2016. With its efforts, an innovative matchmaking platform has been established, combining public and private sector resources to develop smart solutions that satisfy public demands. Taipei is becoming a “Living Lab”, as not only current ITS services will be further improved, testbed trials for connected scooters, autonomous vehicles, shared cars and motorcycles as well as MaaS applications are also greatly welcomed and encouraged. Citizens and visitors in Taipei are enjoying more and more a smart city lifestyle with comprehensive, user-centric, and intelligent transportation services.

Europe – Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland
The Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland is nominated for its strong work for pushing Mobility as a Service and other key issues at the moment forward. Notable efforts and purely hard work concerning ITS European Congress held in Helsinki in 2014. The Ministry has taken a brave approach towards the transformation of transport systems towards Mobility as a Service. It enables a disruption in transport that is not mainly based on single occupancy vehicles. As the first in the world the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has produced a comprehensive legislative reform, the so-called Transport Code project.  Transport Code will be introducing streamlined, digitally-enabling, technology neutral market regulations for the whole transport sector. Also, Finland is spearheading the smart regulation development with its pioneering MaaS-ready regulation for data and APIs.

Industry Award

Americas – Savari, Inc.
This year’s ITS World Congress Industry Award for the Americas is Savari, Inc.

Savari’s life-saving V2X solutions are road proven and have amassed more than 15 million miles and 400 hundred thousand hours of public safety pilot training with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Asia-Pacific – Touch ’n Go
Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd (TNGSB) was incorporated in October 1996, and launched its services in March 1997 at METRAMAC and PLUS Expressways. The Touch ‘n Go card provides users a means to perform simple and convenient cashless low value transactions, and discards the need to carry and search for loose change when making payments. Since then, Touch ‘n Go has become synonymous with fast, efficient and secure payments at Tolls – as it is the one Electronic Toll Collections (ETC) operator for all highways across Peninsular Malaysia. Driven by a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, Touch ‘n Go has grown from strength to strength over the last 21 years. Today, it is the No. 1 in Malaysian micropayments, and is an accepted payment method across multiple segments including transit, parking and retail – thus making it an essential part of every Malaysian’s day-to-day life. It’s customer centric approach in providing the ultimate convenience to users has also resulted in the establishment of a reload network boasting more than 9,000 reload points nationwide. Customers today can reload their Touch ‘n Go at Petrol Stations, Convenience Stores, Selected Retail Chains, Bank ATMs & CDMs, Self-service Kiosks, Touch ‘n Go Spots and Touch ‘n Go Hubs across the country. Moving forward, Touch ‘n Go will continue to be at the forefront of micropayments – with the introduction of more new innovative ways to provide customers with the ultimate experience in payment convenience. TNGSB is a Private Limited Company whose shareholders are CIMB Group Holdings Berhad, MTD Capital Berhad and PLUS Expressways Berhad.

Europe – ‘Partnership Talking Traffic’: Dynniq, Sweco, Swarco, Vialis, Royal HaskoningDHV, Ziut, Ko Hartog Verkeerstechniek, KPN, Be-Mobile, Ericsson, Simacan, Siemens, Flitsmeister, Locatienet, MTVNL
The ITS Netherlands Committee Smart Mobility would like to nominate the group of companies working together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and local governments in the Talking Traffic Partnership: Dynniq, Sweco, Swarco, Vialis, Royal HaskoningDHV, Ziut, Ko Hartog Verkeerstechniek, KPN, Be-Mobile, Ericsson, Simacan, Siemens, Flitsmeister, Locatienet, MTVNL. We greatly appreciate their commitment to co-invest in a unique Partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and local governments to achieve a nationwide introduction of Talking Traffic services in the next five years.  Government and businesses are jointly taking responsibility to improve the flow of traffic in urban areas using smart new technologies and making optimal use of fast moving developments concerning data and connectivity. By using modern telecommunications and cloud technologies in combination with information crowdsourcing, new services will be able to offer driving task support as well as navigation in the entire country and in cities. The Partnership’s basis lies in the combination of technical development, commercialization and user acceptance. The Partnership Talking Traffic is expected to give a firm boost to the development of technologies that will enable road users to reduce their time on the road, cut their fuel consumption and stay safe. More information on

  • World Congress Technical & Scientific Papers Awards


Technical: AM-TP1094 An Enrollment and Registration Service for Secure V2X in ITS
Authors: Pino Porciello, Brian Romansky – TrustPoint Innovation Technologies Ltd., Canada; David Michelson – University of British Columbia, Canada; Tony Qiu – University of Alberta, Canada

Scientific: AM-SP1337 Synthetic Time Series Technique for Predicting Network-wide Road Traffic
Authors: Kartik Kaushik, Cinzia Cirillo, Partha Lahiri, Ying Han – University of Maryland, United States


Scientific: AP-SP0858 Prediction of Potential Human Intention Using Supervised Competitive Learning
Authors: Masayoshi Ishikawa, Mariko Okude, Takehisa Nishida, Kazuo Muto – Hitachi, Ltd., Japan

Technical: AP-TP0846 Learnings Arising from the Fusion of Traffic Data from Multiple Sources
Author: David Johnston – Intelligent Transport Services, Australia


Scientific: EU-SP0784 Modelling and Planning Charging Infrastructure for Electrically Driven Buses
Author: Hubert Buechter – Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Germany

Technical: EU-TP0794 Sharing and Cataloguing Field Operational Test Datasets
Author: Sami Koskinen – VTT the Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland

EU-TP1053 Multi-Modal Activity-Based Models to Support Flexible Demand Mobility Services
Author: Patrizia Franco – UK Transport Systems Catapult, UK

World Congress Student Essay Competition
The Student Essay Competition, sponsored by Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®), encourages engineering students to help advance transportation technologies by sharing their ideas and concepts in an original essay. The winning essay will be selected based on the thought-provoking insights expressed about the future of the intelligent transportation industry. The winning student will receive a $1,000 cash prize and complimentary registration, including air and hotel expenses, to attend ITS World Congress 2017. This year’s topic for the 2,000-word essay is: “How do you envision the city of the future (10-year horizon) will address transportation through the use of new innovative technologies?” Student Essay Competition award ceremony Sunday 29 October from 12:30 – 14:00 during the ITS America Board of Directors Meeting.

2017 ITS America State Chapter Award
The ITS America State Chapter Award is given annually to the State Chapter(s) that has/have demonstrated a superb level of programming, fostered the highest qualities of leadership amongst members, advocated for ITS solutions at the state and regional levels, and provided outstanding value overall to their membership. ITS America’s Board of Directors and State Chapters Council recognize the Best Outstanding Chapter and the chapter with the greatest growth in its membership each year. The State Chapter Awards will be presented at the ITS America State Chapter meeting on Sunday 29 October.

Outstanding State Chapter Award

Division I: ITS Midwest

Division II: ITS Florida

Division III: ITS Connecticut

Division IV: ITS Carolinas

Overall Membership Growth Award: ITS Georgia

ITS America Hall of Fame Awards
The ITS Hall of Fame was established to recognize members whose contributions to the profession and service to ITS America has been significant, substantial, and long-standing. Inductees are selected annually based on their leadership in the intelligent transportation arena. Recipients personify achievement of the ultimate standards for a leader in the ITS field, including but not limited to being an outstanding leader in the organization(s) he or she has led; a thought leader in the ITS field; and a champion of the ITS vision The ITS America Hall of Fame Award will be presented at the ITS America Board of Directors meeting on Sunday 29 October.

2017 Inductee: Dr. Peter Sweatman

Dr. Peter Sweatman is a cofounding principal of CAVita and has over 30 years of experience in transportation research and innovation, and the application of R&D. That experience encompasses vehicles, drivers, and infrastructure and impinges on technology, policy, and strategic planning. He is a trusted national voice on safety, ITS, transportation research and education, connected and automated vehicles, and freight technology and policy. His professional experience covers private industry, academia, and government. He has worked extensively in Europe and Asia-Pacific as well as the United States. Dr. Sweatman is the founder and former director of the Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) (2013 – 2016), and former director of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) (2004 – 2015). Under his leadership, MTC was created as an unprecedented $100M private-public ITS partnership with more than 50 major companies signed on as financial and R&D partners. Dr. Sweatman was responsible for the launch of the unique test facility Mcity, which was opened on July 20, 2015 and has set the bar for safe, off-roadway testing of automated vehicles. Mcity was called the “world’s coolest test facility” by Bloomberg. Dr. Sweatman is a past chairman of the board of ITS America, and also served as founding chair of the ITS America Leadership Circle. He served on the U.S. Department of Transport’s ITS Advisory Committee, as well as a number of roles with the Society of Automotive Engineers. At the Transportation Research Board, he chaired the recent EU-US Symposium Towards Road Transport Automation, and served on the Committee on National Research Frameworks: Application to Transportation. He is currently working with the industrial consortium Together for Safer Roads. CAVita LLC is a new partnership founded by Dr. Sweatman and Mr. Abbas Mohaddes. CAVita recently completed its first major assignment for the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and its Executive Committee. Under the project title “The design of new TRB approaches, including industry engagement and sponsorship” CAVita reviewed ten transformational technologies for their impact on transportation and devised new approaches to broad industry engagement, public-private collaboration and accelerated deployment of transformational technologies. The technologies investigated included connected vehicles, automated vehicles, cybersecurity, shared use services, smart cities, big data, internet of things, unmanned aerial systems, NextGen and 3D printing. TRB recently released e-Circular 208 authored by Mohaddes and Sweatman, entitled Transformational Technologies in Transportation: State of the Activities. CAVita has developed an executive interaction series called CAVtalk. CAVtalk gatherings lead and facilitate regional and local conversations regarding connected and automated vehicles, with public/private executive participation and preparation of white papers documenting proceedings.

Current list of ITS America Hall of Fame Inductees
2008: Joseph Giglio, Robert Parsons, Lyle Saxton, T. Russell Shields, Harry Voccola, Michael Walton
2009: Robert Darbelnet, Christine Johnson, William Spreitzer
2010:  Richard Braun, Francis Francois, Lester Lamm
2011: Thomas Deen, William Harris, William Millar
2012: Gerald Conover, Robert MacLennan, James Oberstar, Thomas Larson
2013: Mortimer Downey, Michael Doyle, Randell H. Iwasaki, S. Edwin Rowe
2014:  Ann Flemer, Larry Yermack, James Constantino
2015: Lawrence D. Burns, Abbas Mohaddes, Jeffery F. Paniati, William F. Powers, Joseph M. Sussman
2016: David St. Amant, Robert Skinner